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Bonifacio (Corsica)

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Fortress during the centuries, Bonifacio knew how to open its doors to tourists. The city has interest for people of various tastes. Naturally, the first in the list of place of sights to visit, is the old city.


Unfortunately, parkings in Bonifacio are rare and expansive, it’s better to plan a good pair of shoes to reach the upper town through the climb Saint-Roch, nested at the top of the limestone cliff.

Bonifacio-fortress-by-the sea-anna-dufour

Bonifacio streets are full of charm, and offer different lookouts on the Mediterranean sea and the marina.


If you are motivated, you can follow the staircase of the king d’Aragon (187 steps cut in the rock and dangerously heading down the sea). The legend says it was built in one night. Corsicans themselves do not believe it.


Bonifacio marina is a more peaceful place, suitable to chill-out. You can stroll here, take a meal or drink all day long with the view on the more or less expensive yachts.
From the marina you can take the departure cruises to the Lavezzi arcipelago once an hour.


For a day in nature with a spectacular view of Bonifacio, you should go to cap Pertusato pointe St-Antoine). It is easily reachable by car. You can explore the old abandoned military camp.


Otherwise, leave the car further down on the tiny parking near the military base and walk until the old lighthouse.


The wind, the fresh air, the view of the cliffs and Sardinia island – what can be better to peace your mind and enjoy fully your vacations.



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