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Lavezzi islands

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As containment in France is approaching to the end, we hope travels be back in our lives. Waiting for the sun and the fresh air,  share the last year trip.

Lavezzi is an archipelago of numerous small islands near the Corsican city of Bonifacio. It is possible to visit the biggest one with the SPMB cruise company (www.spmbonifacio.com).


No need to book the visit, you may just come and buy the ticket at Bonifacio marina 15 minutes before the departure (one per hour). Half an hour latter you will arrive at a beautiful rocky island surrounded by transparent turquoise water.


You may walk around this protected natural area, following the tracks and trying to avoid the attacking seagulls, visit the military cemetery or the lighthouse or simply just take a nap, bath or picnic on the beach.


Lavezzi islands are also the place of one of the biggest Mediterranean tragedy of the 19th century. The whole crew of a French military boat died during an heavy storm.

You can leave the island with the same company when you want.



During the way back the boat goes through the Bonifacio bay, discovering the Cavallo island, local white limestone cliffs, and stops at marine caves.


The guide explains not only the history, but also Corsican habits and way of living.
Relax and Enjoy!

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