Personally this is the part of France that I prefer – for its authenticity, the beauty of nature, the wilderness, but also for the austerity of the people. You come in Corsica as a guest, respecting its hosts and once you become more than the “tourist” you are able to appreciate the richness of the culture and local life.

Corsica or the “Island of Beauty” is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea as close to France as Italy. Despite this Corsica remains Corsica, administratively attached to France, but with a strong independence.

This island with an area of 8700 km2 is divided into two departments: Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse with Ajaccio as a capital.

Corsica is more than 1000 km of coastline, dozens of beautiful beaches, mountains, small rural villages and, of course, the Corsican gastronomy. Everything to be happy!


Two modes of transport allow you to reach Corsica – the plane (airport Bastia or Ajaccio) with AirFrance or AirCorsica and the boat (ferry instead).

Ferries are the most common and most convenient way to get to the island, but also to bring with you your car, motorcycle or camper-van.

There are two companies which do the connections with the mainland – Corsica Ferries ( and Corsica Lines ( In all cases, the sooner you book, the better is the price.

To see:

There is much to do in Corsica, and one trip is not enough. In Haute-Corse we stop at Bastia, we pass by the Cap Corse, we make a stop in Saint-Florent, Ile Rousse and Calvi.

In Corse-du-Sud are Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio, Ajaccio, and, of course, the creeks of Piana that attract tourists.

The distances are not huge, but only one road leads across the island and pass through many villages. So you will need patience or simply take the local rhythm and just enjoy the life!